About Us

Rich Jones and Chad Cornies have been close friends since the mid 90’s when they met as musicians playing in the North American underground  rock ‘n’ roll scene. Both Jones and Cornies have spent the subsequent years continuing to perform in various projects that were sometimes mildly successful and sometimes wildly popular. They understand the ebbs and flows of the industry, and they have remained actively involved while so many others fell by the wayside. Working with dozens of publicists, managers, agents and promoters over the years has allowed them to see first-hand what dependable professionals do for their team, and more importantly they understand from the artist’s perspective how musicians should build their career. Over the years both Jones and Cornies have worked in all of the aforementioned industry positions. The two veteran musicians saw an opportunity to help artists by employing their strengths and abilities together, and the idea for Auslander was born. The name harks back to their time living as Ausländer (foreigners) in Berlin, and the bond they formed writing music in that city. 

Auslander is a full service artist development company specializing in management and public relations. Our commitment to musicians comes first and foremost because we know the industry from a musicians perspective.