Our long-term experience in, and knowledge of, the music industry helps artists build a team that helps them achieve their artistic and business goals. 

Merchandising and Tour Logistics

Looking for a professional merch team for your tour, or just a small batch of shirts for your next gig? Our in-house merchandising specialist has more than 20 years touring and organising the logistics for acts big and small across North America and Europe. 

Grant Writing

Need help securing funds for recording, touring or making a video? Let our team help you with that pesky paperwork. We can help with FACTOR, Canada Council, and all the other provincial music associations that might have the support you need to keep your project running.  

Royalty Registrations

Have you got a catalogue of songs that you’ve written, or played on, and never seen a dime? There could be money out there waiting for you! We can get you signed up with all of the various societies that collect on your behalf. 


Got a new album about to drop and you want to tell the world? Maybe a new single that needs some love in the press? Let our PR team help with our thousands of contacts to print media, blogs, internet radio and more.

Record Label

We’re starting with small runs of vinyl for select acts. If we like your band, we’ll probably contact you, not vice versa unfortunately. 

Digital Distribution via The Orchard 

Would you like to get your music out on all the streaming services and webstores, without using one of those faceless distribution services that takes half your income? Let us help you get your music distributed to more than fifty locations in over a hundred countries.


Need a game plan for your project? Let us help you organize your short and long term goals as an artist. With our combined experience we can offer all kinds of solutions for you and your team. Let us know what you’re interested in achieving and we’re happy to offer strategies to see you get there!

If any of our services are of interest to you, and you’d like a quote, please get in touch through our contact link above and let us know what you need.